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raj23 03/03/2013 23:39:11 PM

I ll explain in detail w.r.t US consulate @ Hyd

I went there early morning by 7 15 AM today for 8 AM slot and stood by check-post. You should not go beyond checkpost
Then we were moved to blue shade beside GATE-1.
Checked passport and we got moved in and entered the security check room.
All things inside the pockets, docs and belt is being removed and after the check you can wear the belt, take the docs and go to another waiting area.
One of the staff came there and verified DS160 confirmation and appointment, I was told to go to counter beside cashier and asked for passport.
The next thing was to go to VISA waiting area and they will provide you a token number.
By this time it was 8 30 AM.
After 15 min, the tokens started and I am first for one of the B1 counters.
She was a young lady and here is how it went

Me :Good morning Ma’m
VO : Good morning and smiled

VO: Your passport pls
VO: What is the purpose of your visit
Me: explained

VO: What is the company you are visiting ?(She meant how is it related to your company)
Me: answered

VO: What meetings?
Me: explained, there are new changes at onsite, and I have to learn and come back so that I can support back from India

VO: What is your salary?
VO: What is your prev. company
VO: How long have you been with the present company? It is just 5 months for me
VO: Are you married ? and any kids
VO: Do you own a property here ?

I waited for nearly 10min as I am the first person for that counter and sys network is pretty slow
She also checked my schedule twice and did not ask for anything else

VO: How long you will be there ? 4 weeks
VO: Where will you go ? Answered

and then the words !! Your visa has been issued and you will get SMS when you can collect your passport.

I still cannot confirm if the visa is really done as I have see people (where their passports were taken, but nothing was said) and their visa was not confirmed.

Hope this long note helps !!!

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