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mahaling 03/04/2013 07:32:42 AM

I had my biometrics scheduled on 27th feb, 2013 and interview on 28th Feb 2013 @ US Consulate Mumbai.
This was my third attempt. My visa was rejected twice last year. First attempt was on 15th Feb 2012 and second was on 1st Mar 2012. Both the times I was given 214(b).

27th Feb 2013: Appointment time – 2.30pm
I reached the OFC by 2.00pm and was told to go in. I had to stand in a line for sometime as the person in front of me had some corrections in his DS 160. They had made him update the DS 160 and he had come back after making the changes. They saw my appointment letter and DS 160 confirmation. Everything was OK. I was told to go in. They gave a token number at the entrance. As soon as i went inside and sat down, the called my number and told me to go to a counter. They verified my appointment letter and DS 160 again. They took my photograph and biometrics. I was told it is over and to leave. I came out by 2.25pm.

28th Feb 2013: Appointment time – 7.45am
I reached the consulate by 7.10am. There was not much of a line outside. I went in, they had the security check. Then I went inside and was told to sit. In about 10-15 mins they made us walk inside. At a counter they gave us a token number and were told to move towards the verification counter. At the verification counter, they took the finger print again. I then waited for about an hour. My token number was displayed on the screen. I went to the counter and was informed by the officer that they entered the number by mistake and my number would be displayed again at another counter. In about 10 mins, my token number was displayed at another counter. The officer was a young man and he asked me a couple of questions.

What is the purpose of your visit?
Which company do you work for?
How long do you plan to stay?
What is you salary?
What is your role in the company?

He then read something on the screen for a few seconds, giving me vibes of another rejection. But then he looked up and said that the visa is approved and I will receive the passport in 2-3 days.

1st Mar 2013: I checked the status online and by afternoon 3.00pm it showed that the passport is ready for pickup from the pickup location.

4th Mar 2013: I went in the morning at 10.00am and picked up my passport.

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