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Vicky…- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 12/28/2012 08:26:21 AM

Hello Friends…
First of all i am thankful to for providing such a great help…

My Interview date was on 17th of December 2012 and Finger Print was on 16th of December at New Delhi.
My interview time was 8:30 AM and i was there on time…

Questions asked by VO

First i greeted him Good Morning…

Me: Good Morning Sir
VO: Good Morning and give me your passport and DS160
Me: Handed over my passport and DS160
VO: Where are you going in US
Me: Replied in one word
VO: Why you are going in US
Me: Replied in one line (Straight Forward)
VO: Congratulation your VISA is approved. you will receive an email or sms about collection of your passport.

I was so happy

Thanks once again to and people who shared there experiences…

I would like to suggest some TIPs
1. Don’t mention longer stay
2. Make your answer short and descriptive
3. Don’t get nervous
4. Be confident
5. Be Original

Hope these tips will help people…

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