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Arun Verma- (guest from Mumbai ) 12/28/2012 00:04:42 AM

First of all, thanking everyone on IMMI for sharing their experiences on the Visa Interview.

I had OFC / Visa Interview in Mumbai on 27/28 Dec 2012

OFC : Scheduled at 16:00 hours.

I reached around 3:15 pm at the venue, and it took hardly 20 mins to complete the process, as there were very few applicants.

Documents to Carry:

Appointment Letter from the Consulate

They just took the finger print scan and photo and it was over.

US Visa Interview: 28 Dec 2012 @ 8:30 AM

Reached the venue by 7:45 AM and the entire process got over within 1.5 hours.

I was worried as it was the second time I was applying for B1/B2 Visa. I had a rejection last year as I was unable to convince the consular for the stay of 4 weeks of my training. I was also not clear on my agenda then and did not have an appropriate training plan

This time, I was well prepared, again thanks to IMMI and the people who shared their experiences.

The interview lasted for merely 45 secs may be:

Me: Good Morning Maam
VO: Good Morning, May I have ur Passport and DS-160 with Appointment letter
I gave it to her
VO: Where are you going?
Me: San Jose
VO: How Long?
Me: 2 weeks
VO: What purpose?
Me: Training
VO: What will you learning in the training?
Me: Told about the training plan
VO: What is your work exp in the current company?
Me: 2 years
VO: What is your current Role?
Me: Explained what I do ( I think she was cross verifying in the computer on what I had mentioned in the DS-160)
VO: Ur Visa is approved

She did say something that it will be delivered to you, but did not give me any instructions form.

Checked with the Support team there, on which they said it will be delivered as mentioned in your appointment letter.

Now I have to track my passport as my travel is in the next 2 weeks.

All the best to everyone applying in the future.

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