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syd- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 12/29/2012 00:31:55 AM

OFC/interview was on 3rd week of Dec:
Everything went on smoothly and timely till the interview. The VO was very friendly and smiling with all the other candidates infront of me (4 of them). When my turn came, he was again smiling and as soon he saw my name (common Muslim name), his face turned to seroius and he didnt even look at my face (forget about smiling). He just asked me following questions:
1) Why are you going ?
2) You work for XXX ? (One of the best companies in US).
3) How long you are working for this company ?
4) how long is your travel?
5) you are going to meet your peers ?
6) Please go to counter 30, my collegue is there who will help you with the rest of the procedure. Returned my passport and he didnt even look at any one of my documents.
7) @ counter 30: Indian gentleman took my passport/BEP letter and told me it is done, it might take some time to process your visa you may leave now. I again asked what is the worst case I can get my passport, he said there is nothing like worst case and he cant commit any date.

I just came out and paid 300Rs for Passport delivery.

My question is: I havnt got any slip (pink/yellow/Green) from VO to understand what is the status or if it is under admin processing. If no slip is given, what we should be doing ? Can some one comment ?

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