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Sree- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/09/2012 13:16:14 PM

Hi Friends,

On Nov 8th My B1 Visa got rejected. Please help me on how i can apply again for B1. I have very important training and i am only the person on floor who know about that process. Please provide your inputs on how i can reapply again.

VO: Why you are travelling to US.

Me: Training.

VO: Are you Married

Me: Yes.

VO: What she will do?

Me: Teacher.

VO: How much you make.


VO: How many weeks you are staying there.

Me: 4 Weeks.

VO: Sorry. You are not qualified to visit US as per section 214b and given be a broucher to understand what is 214b.

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Once your US visa is rejected, your chances of getting the US Visa approved reduces. It is best to get professional help to make sure you are giving your best the FIRST time !

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