Srini 24

Sree- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/09/2012 13:16:14 PM

Hi Friends,

On Nov 8th My B1 Visa got rejected. Please help me on how i can apply again for B1. I have very important training and i am only the person on floor who know about that process. Please provide your inputs on how i can reapply again.

VO: Why you are travelling to US.

Me: Training.

VO: Are you Married

Me: Yes.

VO: What she will do?

Me: Teacher.

VO: How much you make.


VO: How many weeks you are staying there.

Me: 4 Weeks.

VO: Sorry. You are not qualified to visit US as per section 214b and given be a broucher to understand what is 214b.

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