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Gaurav Agarwal- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/11/2012 05:25:09 AM

Hi all
My experience of US visa process was very good. The only drawback I see in the system is that Biometrics and Interview is scheduled on two days. Although biometrics are rechecked on day two as well.
On the second day, I reached US visa consulate on 9th Nov at 7AM and by 7:15 line began to move. There is a security check and place to sit down while you move further in the lane. Once I entered the hall, first I had to go to a window where my serial no. stamp was put behind my passport and then had to queue up in another lane at the end of which where biometrics were taken again (its for everyone, probably to cross check) and then had to sit down and look up the screen for my serial no to be called against a particular window.
And the moment came at around 9AM.
ME: Good morning sir!
VO: Good morning. Please pass on your passport sir.
VO: After a minute of detailed view of my profile on his screen, So is this the first time you are applying for US visa?
ME: Yes sir.
And then came series of questions.
VO: What is the purpose of visit?
VO: What your company’s name?
VO: How many people are there in your company?
VO: Have you travelled to any other country before?
VO: What was the purpose of visit
VO: For how long were you there in XX Country?
VO: Dont you think 2 weeks are little two much for a business meeting?
ME: Gave a very satisfactory answer
VO again looked at his screen and then came the golden words ” Your Visa has been approved”

Me : Cheers!

by 9:15 I was done. It made my day. Hope the above will help everyone.
My opinion:
– Stay Calm and dont get nervous even if a answer goes little haywire.
– Practice and sound genuine
– Hold your nerves and live up to the moment (not everyone gets a chance to queue up for US visa)
– Dress smartly and give more professional look (No tie/suit/blazer reqd)
– most importantly pray to god and believe in yourself.

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