Query on US Tourist Visa for parents

Immihelp.com Question:

I am living in the US for last 2 years.I am on L1B Blanket Visa and it expires on 16th Dec 2017.Recent I94 Admit Until date shows as 9th Oct 2017.I plan to bring my parents and in-laws to US on B1/B2 Visa.I am planning to get my parents from March to Aug and in-laws from June to Oct/Dec.

1.Can I apply for parents and in-laws B1/B2 Visa now and also plan for their travel as mentioned above ?Or Should I apply for extension of my L1B Blanket Visa first ?

Please suggest.Any other options welcome.Thank you.

Sriharsha Mohan

 AVS Response:

Hi Sriharsha,

The best option for you is to apply for their visa immediately, you can plan for their travel in March and August however the fact that your L1 is valid for a longer period of time will hold some weight.

In actual sense, b1b2 visa applications will depend more on their interview than your L1 status.