Immihelp Question- Will my H1B visa cancelled if i apply for b1b2 visa Question:

Hi Team,

Could you let me know I would like to apply for B1 Visa, but currently i hold a Valid H1B Visa. If I apply for B1 Visa will my H1B Visa get cancelled.

Thank you in advance for your valuable inputs.

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AVS Response:

hi Venkat,

It depends on few factors, If you are no longer working for that employer or not working in USA for another employer (which seems more likely) then they most likely will cancel your h1b visa without prejudice.

However, that will be considered as a positive for your b1b2 visa application, since you already had an H1 and could have gone to US to work and did not go, or came back – both being good signs proving your intent not to migrate or work illegally in USA.

If your reason for b1/b2 is not strong or you do not address the US visa interview questions correctly  they might reject your b1b2 application and cancel your h1 without prejudice

AVS Team