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Hi, I would like to sponsor visitors visa for my parents and as well as my in-laws (4 people) almost at the same time (may be in 1 day difference b/w visa interview dates). I heard that there should be minimum of $5000 per person in my bank. I have $10,000 currently in my account.

My question is, do I need to have $20,000 when I am sponsoring 4 people? It would be difficult to arrange $20,000 for me at this point of time.

Can 2 of them go first with my bank statement which shows $10K and the same statement for the other 2? What would be the risk if they do this way?


AVS Response:

Dear Kiran,

Please do not worry about any amount that you might have in your bank account or in that of your parents or in-laws. Bank statements are not a proof of the amount of money on hand since lot of people transfer money by borrowing or create false bank statements.

The approval of your visa will depend upon the ties of the family to India. Even people with low income can have saved enough money over a period of time to afford a trip to the USA.

So to answer your question NO you do not need to have $20,000 when you are sponsoring 4 people. And we strongly recommend not to try to fool Visa officers by sending statement twice at different dates. They are way more smarter than that !! and it may be the reason to deny your parents US visas.

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