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How to apply visitor visa extension online? Does any one have done efiling recently,can you please help with the links?

-Sanjayy Sahu

AVS Response:

Dear Sanjayy,

First, Visa status extension forms can not be filled online. You will have fill in form I-539 for the same. The filing fee for that is $370. However it is strictly not advisable to file for B2 extension. Here is why:

  1. B2 is for tourism category, most likely at point of entry you would have got six months stay. It is highly unlikely that any one will get that much free time and/or money to spend more than six months vacationing in the USA.
  2. Most of the extension forms will ask you to give an appropriate reason: Extending stay for tourism purposes for more than six months hardly can be an appropriate reason.
  3. If your extension is denied, then you become out of status with immediate effect. Which means that next time you try to enter USA you will have to explain all the reasons for your stay beyond six months.
  4. POE officer will most likely assume that you have been working illegally in USA and can cancel your visa with prejudice making you ineligible to enter USA for minimum 5 years

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