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I appread for B1 visa interview today for the first time and got rejected. Wanted to know the reason and when can I reappear. Below is my conversation with VO.

VO- Good Morning
Me- Good Morning sir.

VO- asked for passport
ME- handed over to him

VO- why you want to Visit US?
ME- For strategy planning and execution meeting with management.

VO- where u will be travelling?
ME- Houston, TX

VO- Tell me in detail about your responsibilities.
ME- I am responsible for sales and marketing efforts for my organisation which includes Business development.

VO- why are you required for the meeting?
ME- As a part of Business Development team I have to present my 2016 plan and get approval from management.

VO- will this be internal meetings?
ME- yes

VO- how long you have been with your current employer?
ME- 5 months

VO- how long would you stay in US?
ME- 4 weeks.

VO- why 4 weeks. It’s too much to carry business meetings?
ME- I will have to attend multiple meetings

VO- you can attend multiple meetings in a day as well
ME- yes. But meetings will be conducted as per our CEO and VP’s schedule.

VO- have you ever visited any other countries.
ME- no

VO- were are your clients from?

VO- what’s your job title?
ME- senior business development executive.

VO- are you married?
Me- No

I am sorry your visa is not approved and handed me 214b form.


US VISITOR VISA response from AVS:  This is a very interesting case, as we see that applicant answered almost all the questions correctly, and in quite a professional manner. The reasons as we can analyse are as follows:

  1. You have worked only for 5 months with this company, It is highly unlikely for a company to send someone who has just recently joined the company for meetings with higher management, Unless you are a very senior employee both with designation and Age/experience.
  2. Your answer to the question “Where are your clients ?” was very vague, If you had specific meetings planned in Houston, Tx. your answer should have been probable where in Houston, or at the minimum Houston again. I can imagine that you meant you have US based clients. – Also you said that you were going to meet your company members (VP, CEO) etc, then why bother about clients ??? your answer kind of contradicted your own answers.
  3. As the Counselor mentioned 4 weeks for business meeting with VP and CEO does not sound right ! – You justified by mentioning a series of meetings. However initially you mentioned that you have to just get your business plan approved in a presentation.

Unfortunately your case has been very critically analysed, may be this is the new trend at US Consulates, The best option is to reapply immediately. As if you really have to discuss your project plan, you have to – may be the next counselor will see reason in your application.


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