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My parents USA visitors Visa has been filed by my sister and she lives in California. We live in Ny. Now my parents are about to visit us . Can they visit us directly to NY or should they go to CA first and visit us? And can i extend their Visa for more 3 months if required or only can my sister do that?

AVS Response:

When you are entering at a different point of entry (POE) into US than mentioned during your US Visa interview you have to take care of a few things:

  1. Be ready to explain the US immigration officer as to why you are entering at a different location, In this case there should not be a problem as there is one sister who lives in New York. However lets say if you said you are going for a vacation to New York during your visa interview and land in Chicago, there can be a possible deportation.
  2. Unless your dates of travel have changed largely from the time you applied for your US  Visitors visa, you should avoid change in POE while visiting US on visitors visa, US Immigration officers are getting stringent with potential defaulters and therefore the deportation rate has increased in recent past.

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