Can I travel on B1/B2 visa after my H1B stamping


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I got my B1/B2 stamping in Jan 2014 through my organisation and visited US in March 2014 on a business trip.

I later got my H1B stamping in October 2014 through my organisation. However, I have not traveled yet on my H1B. I am currently pursing my MBA after resigning from the company which sponsored my H1B.

Now, I am planning to visit my sister in US on a pleasure trip on my b1/b2 visa.

My question is , Is my B1/B2 still valid and active for me to go on a pleasure trip to US after my H1B stamping? How can I get an official confirmation on this?

Will this lead to any repercussions such as cancellation of my H1B as I am not working currently?

US Visitors Visa Response from AVS

  1. Yes, you can travel on your b1/b2 visa while you have your h1 visa stamped and unused. While you are at the Point of Entry (POE) ensure that you present the b1/b2 visa to the immigration officer. In case if you are questioned about the h1 visa you can simply state the facet that you have not yet joined the US company since you are still pursuing your MBA.
  2. The  rule behind this is such, since both H1 and B1/B2 visa to the US are non-immigrant visas, any individual can have both visas active at the same time. At each entry to USA the person must present the reason of his visit, and the entry to USA will depend upon the same.


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