H1B stamping of married girl For IT Job


Case: A young married IT professional was looking for work opportunities in USA, AVS is tied up with leading IT Companies for providing manpower resources and also an expert in providing USA Visa interview consulting for H1 Stamping.

Application: H1 and H4 Stamping

USA Visa experience at Mumbai Consulate:

Que to H1: Since when are you working in USA Company?
Ans: (I was surprised as USA Company is my future company and not current ) Sorry where?

Que to me: Sorry.. What is your current company?
Ans: Answered appropriately.

Que to me: In which part of USA you are going to work?
Ans: New Jersey, City name

Que to me: What will you do in USA?
Ans: Work as business developer.

Que to me: What will be your salary?
Ans: answered appropriately

Que to me: Since how long you have been married?
Ans: Almost 2 years

Que to my spouse: it was love marriage or arranged?
Ans: Love marriage

Que to my spouse: Where did you meet?
Ans: College

Que to my spouse: When in college?
Ans: In an event

Que to my spouse: In which event exactly?
Ans: Cultural

Que to my spouse: Since how long you are married?
Ans: 1 year 10 months

Que to me: You did M. tech in which subject?
Ans: Bioinformatics

Que to my spouse: Where are you working currently?
Ans: Answered appropriately

Que to my spouse: will be quitting you job?
Ans: yes

Then consulate was doing something in his system for few minutes and then he said “Your visa is approved”.


We smiled and thanked him.

AVS Notes:

AVS provides guaranteed jobs in USA for qualified IT professionals. AVS is tied with multiple IT companies as their talent recruitment partners and

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