USA Work Visa for IT professional


27 year old IT professional from Mumbai was approached by a USA company for a job. AVS Trained and Processed the application for Visa stamping.

Application: only H1

USA H1 Visa Questions:

AD : Hello…..Good morning!!
VO : Good morning.

VO : Which city will you staying in the US?
AD : Jersey city in New Jersey

VO : Name of your US employer.
AD : USA H1 Sponsor company name.

VO : Will You be working for a client?
AD : Yes.

VO : Will You be working at client site?
AD : No. I’ll be working at my office place itself in  New Jersey.

VO : What is your client name?
AD : Client Name.

VO : Can u please spell it.
AD : Spelled it for the officer.

VO : Whats is your client into?
AD : As per training

VO : What will be your salary in the US?
AD : $XXX Annually.

VO : What is your highest qualification?
ME : Masters in Computer Application

VO : Which company are you currently working for in india.
ME : Indian Company Name (ICN).

VO :  How did you contact your US employer?

ME : US Company was one of clients in one of our projects called “XXX”. It was almost a year long project and were in touch after the project as well for post project support. They called me and asked me whether i was interested in working for them at their New jersey office. I said yes and interview was conducted in feb and after couple of weeks got my offer letter as well.

VO : Can i see your petition
ME : Sure.

VO : Congratulations sir your visa has been approved, you can collect your passport in 3-4 working days
ME : Thank you and have a nice day 🙂