Duration of visit during USA Tourist Visa Interview


US Tourist Visa – Duration of Visit

Often there are questions that our clients face regarding the answer to the duration of visit to USA while applying for US Tourist Visa, .. So here is the issue:

  1. If your answer is too short, i.e. from 7 to 10 days, one doubt that the visa counselor will have is what can you really see in 10 days ??? like 2 days will go in jet lag, and by the time you start touring 10 days will be over.
  2. If your answer is too long, i.e. over a month – 30 days plus, then the doubt US Visa counselor will have is .. Really ? can someone take a break for so many days ? dont they have anything to do back in India ? …may be they intend to work in USA !

So as per your situation you must decide of how best you can explain your duration keeping both of the above in mind !!!

Or Else simply call the best US Visa Agents located in Mumbai at +91 8080921713 to professionally get trained on how to answer the above and similar questions in Online form DS – 160

USA Form DS 160
Duration of your Visit to USA Visa online form DS 160


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