Call from US Consulate to revoke visa


In recent times, multiple people have called our services since they receive a call from US consulate to revoke their b1/b2 or tourist visas.
The questions is, why is my approved US visa being revoked? Or why is my visa getting revoked after i have traveled to USA and come back within the stipulated time.

We would like to list possible reasons behind such visa revoking:

  1. The US visa applicant did not disclose complete and correct information during their visa application:
    US embassy may conduct secondary round of inspection of the visa applicant. This may be done for few applicants at random, applicants a create a doubt in the Visa Officer during interview or for all applicants. If the US consulate finds any information that is submitted during the interview to be false or misguiding, US consulate will call the applicant whose visa was approved and revoke it.
  2. US visa getting revoked after traveling to USA:
    Let’s say that the US visa applicant was approved travel visa to US and the applicant had not misguided the US embassy during the visa interview. When the applicant travels to the US at point of entry he/she is given 6 months valid stay for both business or tourism.
    If the applicant stays in the US for lets stay 5 months, and during the interview applicant had mentioned he/she will stay for 1.5 months, that is a change which needs justification.

    1. Rarely one’s plans can have such huge variations. Which means that the applicant did not intend to travel for the reason stated initially or the applicant did not do what he had mentioned during the visa interview. This will lead to revoking your visa.
    2. In case if the variation was due to a valid cause ex: medical condition etc, US consulate will give the applicant a chance to explain the reason. If the reason is justifiable, your visa will not be revoked.
  3. US consulate called me to meet them and informed me that my US b1b2 visa is revoked, should I go?
    If US embassy calls you for a meeting and informs that your visa is revoked, This means that your visa is already cancelled. US embassy is calling you to meet only to give you a chance to give a justification for either misinformation supplied by you or extended stay. If you decide not to go for the meeting, you will NOT be able to travel to US as immigration officer at the Point of Entry will send you back from the airport. Also, since you did not go to attend the meeting, you are less likely to get another visa to US for a long time.

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Once your US visa is rejected, your chances of getting the US Visa approved reduces. It is best to get professional help to make sure you are giving your best the FIRST time !

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