USA b1b2 visa application for a c1d visa holder


Name: Mr. & Mrs Xavier
USA Visa Application Type: Tourist/Business (B1/B2)
Travel History: C1D travel of Mr. Xavier to Europe
Language of Interview: English
Marital Status: Married
Case Analysis:
Mr. Xaveir is a resident of Goa, India. He is C1/D holder, worked as a Chef de Partie.  As a C1D visa holder he traveled to Europer, and US,. He wanted to travel into USA  for tourism with his friends, and therefore wanted to apply for a US b1b2 visa.

US Mumbai Consulate b1b2 visa experience:

KV : Good Morning !
VO : Good Morning. Passport ?

VO :Why you choose NY City?
KV : As trained by AVS

VO :What is your Salary? (Asked in Us dollar)
KV :  1284 Us dollar

VO : Do you  have anybody in NY?
KV : No

VO : Where are you going to stay in US?
KV : I am going to stay at Hotel Wellington

VO : With whom are you travelling? Are they working on cruise with you?
KV : i am travelling with my friends.  Yes, m travelling with them.

VO : Congratulations ! Your Visas have been approved.



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