USA B1B2 Visa Approved after two rejections


AS & GS (AS is mother and GS is the son) were refused twice for the B1/B2 visa previously as they went on different purposes in a very short period in 2012. Her daughter contacted us from USA to apply for a USA Visa for her mother and her brother. She is on H1B Visa in USA. AS is working as a District Magistrate and GS is working as a Principal’s assistant at a school.

Lead: Online
Medium: Marathi
Documents asked: None
Attempt: Refused Twice earlier on their own. 3rd Application with AVS.
Result: Approved
Appointment Dates: 18th & 19 th September, 2019.

VO: What does your daughter do in USA?
AS: Job Designation
Job Profile
Place / City where she works
VO: Where does she stay?
AS: Ellington.
VO: What does your son-in-law do?
AS: As per AVS Training
VO: In which year was your daughter’s visa issued?
AS: March 2018.
VO: Purpose of your visit to USA?
AS: Going there for Tourism and also spend some time with the family.
VO: Which countries have you both have visited
AJ: I have visited UAE, Hong Kong, Macau and Gautam Has visited Canada, Hong Kong, UAE, Macau.
VO: (Laughed) You both have visited most of the places.
VO: Congratulations! Your visa has been approved.

Role of AVS: Provided her End-to end services. Her daughter was in touch with AVS from the states after checking the online presence. She had a word with our representative, clarified all her doubts regarding their pervious refusals, documents, their experience in the consulate, their presentation and the language of interview. She registered with us for her mother and her brother. They got their visa approved.

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Once your US visa is rejected, your chances of getting the US Visa approved reduces. It is best to get professional help to make sure you are giving your best the FIRST time !

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