B1 visa approved in first attempt

I had appplied for B-1 visa earlier and got through it in the first attempt.

Following is experience in Mumbai consulate.
1.Reached at 8:00 AM in the consulate did the security check attend the window to submit my papers,submitted documents and waited for my number to be called.
There was a lot of rush in the morning so was getting bit nervous till getting in but after getting in everything went fine.
Consullar officer called my token number asked the following questions:

  • 1.Why are you going ?
  • 2.How many days will you stay ?
  • 3.How many brothers and sisters ?
  • and thats it he was so good that he did not ask any more question apart and said that my passport will courier in the next 48 hrs.
  • The officer even did not check my Invitation letter just asked the above queries.

The courier is fantastic they delivered in just 24 hrs.

Prashant Katti

Source: Immihelp

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