R Arya

My sister had applied to Universities in the US and had secured admission to one of the premier institutes. After receiving her I-20 she applied for the F1 Visa with the US Consulate. However, she was denied the visa since she could not show sufficient funds for her tuition expense.

Fortunately, we met someone outside the consulate who had had a similar experience and he referred us to AVS. The counselors at AVS helped us prepare the required documentation in a short span of time and we applied again within a month. This time she was given the visa (without even checking the documentation). I think the mock interviews and advice given by the AVS team helped her get through without any hassle.

I want to sincerely thank the AVS team for their efforts!!

Category: F1
Gender: Female
Religion: Hindu-Punjabi
Profession: Business
Age: 28
Married: No
Applied with Family: NO

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