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Himanshu- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, ) 12/10/2011 01:39:23 AM

Location: US consulate, BKC , mumbai
Date: 9th Dec 2011

ME: Very good morning to you sir.
VO: Goodmorning, How are you doing?
ME: i am doing good, howabout you?
VO: Fine, Please give your passport please
ME: yes please
VO: what is the purpose of your trip
ME: Explained, meetings..i prepared for this b4
VO: which place you are travelling to ?
ME: Xcity, Answered
VO: Which State ?
ME: Xstate, Answered.
VO: Why do you want to travel there?
ME: again expalined the same
VO: what is you annual income?
ME: XX lacks in indian rupees
VO: Ok, Your Visa is Approved , you will get your passport in 3 week days.

Tips: Dress formal, Be Confidant

I was little worried before as my L1 was rejected earlier in 2007, but the VO didnt asked abt it. 🙂

Thanks to this site, this helped me in preperation for my inetrview.

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