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Visa Applicant- (guest) 12/10/2011 19:25:11 PM

07-Dec-11 BKC-Mumbai

Below is the conversation with VO, please help in understanding what went wrong and could be done better in 2nd attempt. Below is the conversation.

VO:Purpose of visit?
ME: For the meeting with my counterpart and customer.

VO: Why do you need 1 month for the business meeting?
ME: These meetings will involve understanding the current business process and creating the new process. Requires follow-up and doubt clearing session, and due to Christmas vacations we need more time to accommodate the delay.

She said stand a little behind, so that she can hear me clearly. I did and repeated the above answer.

VO: Why you going at the time of Christmas?
ME: We have been requested by the customer to come and start the initial discussion before Christmas, so that we will be able to complete the process finalization by first week of next year.

VO: I cannot issue me a VISA today. She didnot stamped any VISA Rejection seal or aby other seal on passport.

Please suggest!!

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