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Sriram Mallajosyula- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 12/06/2011 14:35:57 PM

Hi Friends i am sharing my first experience

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning

VO: Can I have Your Passport
Me: Yeah Sure

VO: Purpose of Visit
Me: Going to Meet My counterpart for Training and to Know the work flow process .

VO: What is Your Company Name
Me: I Have answered it……..

VO: How Long You are Working
Me: Past 11 Months

VO: What about your salary
Me: Just answered it…..

VO: Why you are the only person going to US from ur Team
Me: It will not be economical to my company to send all people, Once my Training is done i’ll come back and share knowledge to My Team Members.

Before completing he asked me one more

VO: How long your Duration will be?
Me: 1 Week

VO: Where will be staying in US
Me: Answered

VO: Can i have your invitation Letter
Me: Yeah Sure, Handovered to him (He Started to observe Keenly and asked a Que from my Invitation Letter)

VO: What are additional benifits you will be getting
Me: I Just Mumbled(Not expected) but tried to answer ” During my tenure in US company will look after all my expenses”

Now the Best Question of My Interview

VO: Are You Married?
Me: No (For Convincing Him i just tried to start like “My Parents are looking for a girl it might take some time”

Before completion of my Last two Sentences
VO: Ur Visa has been Rejected
Me: For a Second i thought did well but nothing useful. Greeted him Thanks and started walking

So Frnds, Please be careful before answering.

Are you Married will be a Typical question for a 23 Year Guy

Please Start with smiling and Convince him @ur Best.

Rest your Luck and God’s Grace.

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