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Amit- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 01/02/2012 17:31:48 PM

You can all see my earlier post, had my first Interview on 8th Dec and got rejected. But had no choice to apply again… so I went again on 21st Dec.

Interview asked me all the questions mentioned in here.

Why are you going to US?
What have changed since you last attempted?
Are you married?
What is your designation
Company name?
Your last company name?
Why did you left you last company?
How much you make in lac annually?
What do your wife do, is she working?
What do your parents do?
Nature of your job?
What kind of Training?
How long training?
Do you have the Training Plan?

Then she took the training plan and went inside and came back after 2-3 mins and started asking the questions last interviewer asked me again.

Why you left your last company so early?
How many people do you manage?
Do you own a property here?

And finally… Okay sir your Visa is approved and you will get in 4-5 days and I got on the next day in my office.

Few tips.
1. Talk Less, if you can answer in simple Yes or No, better
2. Dont loose eye contact
3. Wear the dress in which you are comfortable, I wasn’t wearing tie or formals, which I wore last time and got rejected.
4. if rejected at first attempt, apply again asap, my collegues got on the second attempt like me, 3 out of 5 and rest two got on first attempt. Winner dont quit, even I read some where one kid got it on 8th attempt, keep trying…finally Interviewer said you dont give up do you… hats off to the kid…
5. Be confident whatever you say, even if you are not sure, if you get nervous, keep the eye contact and DO NOT SMILE-BE SERIOUS but be generous and courteous.
5. Last but not the least- LUCK

thanks for this wonderful site and best of luck.

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