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Stars above you- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 12/20/2011 09:52:14 AM

Dear Friends,

Thanks to this wonderful site, I cleared my B1/B2 visa today after being rejected for the first time 14 days back.

Well, everybody is writing here their experiences regarding the questions asked, I believe that questions asked by VC and answers given by us vary from person to person as each of us is in a different situation.

I would like to give feedback on how I prepared for my re-interview in 12 days-
1.Review what went wrong in first interview( in my case I got nervous)
2.Prepare a questionnaire of your own, write down each and every question that you think may be asked to you when somebody is in your situation. This is easy as many interviews are available on line thanks to this help. ( I prepared 25 expected questions applicable in my situation)
carefully write down the answers, these answers should ALWAYS reflect your ties to India/family. For example, if you are asked ” are you married?” , most of us would answer “yes” ( if we are married), however, answer should be ” I am married for xx years and have xx kids” this shows the strength of your relationships.
3.As you start preparing for interview, you will notice that the answers you write on the first days will change to better answers in the coming time period and you will get more precise with everything.
4.Take help of one of your family member and start practising the interview, this will life your confidence and you will have much better presence of mind on interview day. ( I noticed while today interviews were going on, many candidates stood in the wrong posture, some of them were speaking too fast to be heard, some of them were not able to pronounce words well so they were not understood correctly—- this all may go against us in an interview)
5.Give at least 1 hour a day to prepare.
6.Ask you friend/family member to notice your body language, eye contact, pronounciation as you will be able to pass an interview, once you get these right.
7.for those of you, who would like some guidance regarding right posture and giving a confident interview, I studied following articles which were very helpful to me-

Friends, it’s all about presenting yourself well and presenting the information you have also in a good manner. So be confident and you will pass for sure.

All the best.


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