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Not to be disclosed- (guest from Mumbai, Maharastra, India) 01/03/2012 11:51:28 AM

Interview goes as below
For a change the consulate officer was sweating badly.

Me : Good Morning Sir (with a smile)

Officer : Good Morning

Officer : Can I have your passport?

Officer: What do you do?

Me : I am working as a Business Analyst.

Officer : How long have you been working in the current company?

Me : Last 3.5 years

Officer : What is your current CTC per year?

Me : Its XX L per year

Officer: Whose your client in the US?

Me: Its XXX Inc.

Officer: What are you going there for?

Me : As a business analyst, I need to gather the requirements from our client, understand the problems which the users are facing, get back to India and then guide the team in India to implement the solution.

Officer : Ok

Officer takes some time……enters some data in the PC

Handovers the passport back with a letter for the law 214(g) – Potential Immigrant

Officer : Your VISA cannot be approved as of now 🙁

It thus proved that it all depends on your luck and the mood of the consulate officer. I saw a few consulate officers who were asking some more details like invitation letter and then approving.

He did not ask me for any of the letters (sponsorship, invitation) which I was carrying with me.

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