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Saran- (guest) 01/10/2012 00:16:06 AM


Today ( 10-Jan-2012 8:15 am ) i have attended B1 Visa interview at Mumbai consulate.

I have taken interview little bit confidently only, but to i little bit fear, but finally my VISA got approved 🙂

Following are the Questions asked me the Visa Officer during the interview.

VO : Good Morning
Me : Good Morning Mam

VO : Can i have your passport please ?
Me : Sure Mam ( handover all the documents to VO)

VO : How much of experience do u have in current company ?
Me : *** Years Mam

VO : where you traveling ?
Me : *** City & *** State in US

VO : What is the purpose of your visit in US ?
Me : I need to participate in Business Requirement finalization discussions with client and my presence is require for this discussion.

VO : How may days r u going to be in US ?
Me : 28 days

VO : What is your project ?
Me : Just i said my project name.

VO : Who is ur client ?
Me : Just mentioned Client Name

VO : Your VISA got approved , u will receive you passport with in a week by courier .
Me : Thank you Mam 🙂

Be cool and confident during interview, because VO will be asking questions little bit fast, if u not understand the question, request VO to repeat, don’t panic in that time be cool, VO will repeat ‘n’ of times.

All the best and wish you good luck for your interview.

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