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crazybee- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA) 02/02/2012 03:43:35 AM

Hello everyone I wanna share me VISA experience with all of you guys

It might be useful


me: Good Morning Sir
VO: Good morning your passport please
me : sure
VO: have you been to the US before
me: Yes sir
VO: what for
VO: How long do you wanna visit now
me: couple weeks
VO: whom do you work for
me: answered
VO: what is your salary
me: answered and

VO: you got the VISA have a good day
me: you have a good day too sir
VO: thanks you too


remember one thing dont be nervous(i was very nervous)
answers should be short simple and straight convincing
develop a great attitude you will hit it

Everyone I wish all the success

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