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Abhay Krishna Varma (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 01/27/2012 08:09:09 AM

This was first time for Visa interview. Reached at 10.00 Am. My interview time was 10.30 AM. Initially i was bit tensed. But after given the finger prints i was singing the song slowly to remove my tension.
And it was working. When i reached to VO, i was very cool.

Interview goes below:

Me: Good Morning (with sweet smile)

VO: Very Good morning(very formally)
Me : How are you.

VO : I am good, and u? (very formally)
ME : I am good , thanks

VO : What is the purpose of visit.
ME : My Client XX is going to conduct a summit….

(She asked in between)…
VO: Which type of Summit is this.
ME: Answerd.

VO : Who else will join you in this summit.
ME : Pardan….. (with very confidently, coz i already share this answer with her)

VO : Only XX(Client) guys will be there ?
Me : No, some more technical guys will also there from different location.

started typing somtehing…

VO: In which company you are working.
ME : I am working in XXX.

VO : How long you are working in this company:
ME: I am working since last one and half year.

VO : How long you will be there..
ME: I’ll be there for X week only.

VO : How much you are getting.
ME: I am getting X.X Lacs per anum.

VO : Ok, your Visa got approved. you will get it within 3 days.
Me : Thank you so much… 🙂

1. Be cool
2. Answer with smiling face
3. Be confident and voice should be bold

but…. Luck does matter there
80% Luck + 20% smart answer = Visa Approved

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