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Sadasiva Prasad- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 02/09/2012 05:52:51 AM


I attended the visa interview on 6th of Feb. I was booked for 8.00 AM slot but I was there at 6.30 AM.Its good to be at least 2 hours before your interview slot.
They will open the gates at around 7 AM and they will call 1 slot after the other (starting from 7.30 slot). You have to be in a queue once they call your slot time.

Keep your form DS-160 confirmation page and Interview letter ready. I will recommend taking atleast 2 more copies as you have to show these at multiple points later. Keep extra copies in a separate folder.

You have to take a token in the Queue. DON’T carry cell phones, CDs (Normally, If you have taken photographs for VISA, they will give the digital photo in a CD, Don’t carry it by mistake) Otherwise, You have to deposit cell phones etc in a bunk outside. God knows about their security.

Once you complete the security check, You enter the next room where your token number will be displayed on a screen, Watch it carefully and go to the corresponding window in which number is Queued.

Keep DS-160 confirmation page, Interview letter, Photos (should be taken atmost a month back), HDFC DD, BEP covering letter handy. He will bind your passport, Confirmation page and interview letter with a rubber band and later you have to go to another window where your finger prints will be taken. There they will put a ink mark on bound documents.

After that, You have to go to the next building. Again look at the screen for your token and join that queue.

Take a deep breath, be confident. Consulate Authorities will be normally polite to you. You can only screw this if you are not calm.

My interview:

Consulate Authority : Good morning sir
me : Good morning Sir.
CA: Where are you going ?
me : (told)
CA: Which company do you work for ?
me : (told)
CA: Married?
me :Yes
CA: Kids
me : No
CA: Purpose of travel?
me : product training
CA: How long you are going to stay?
me: 15 days
CA: 15 Days!! It is such a short time of training?
me : Its only knowledge transfer and I mingle with team there.
CA: Your VISA is approved. You will get your passport in 7 days.
me : Thank you sir.

Other questions I heard with other people were : What is product name, What it will do, What is your role in team etc.

Be cool!!! all the best

Sadasiva Prasad

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