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Priya- (guest from Mumbai ) 02/16/2012 03:43:40 AM

First of all would like to thanks to this site and also to all guys who have posted their experiences.

Schedule time : 7-45 a.m
Place: Mumbai (BKC)
Visa: B1

Reached at 7.20 a.m at the venue and standed in a long queue of almost 75-100 ppl ahead of me.

Note following points
-No laguage is allow inside
-only visa folder with your small purse
-No locker is in BKC too.

Stepwise procedure :
Take out ur interview letter and paspport and go to first couter and get ur token nu.

Go for security check.

Go to Visa room and go through fingre prints procedure

Wait for your call by Visa officer

VO: How r u
Me;I am good. What about u ?
VO: Fine
Me:thanks (gave passport to her)

VO: Why are u going there
Me: to discuss next phase of my current project with client.

VO:whats ur current phase
Me: gave one liner ans with client name and project phase

VO: how long you would be there?
Me;One week

VO: how long with ur with comapny
Me; since 10 months

VO; How long u were with previous employer
Me; Gave brife ans with name of my x employer and with short reason of relocation because of marriage

VO; Salary
Me: xx LPA

VO: How many countries u visited
Me; 3 with name

VO; R u born in india ?

Took a while
VO; Ur visa approved, u will get ur passport by currier.

Me: Thanks Good day

(Not a single document has been asked except Passport)

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