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Deepak Singh (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 02/16/2012 10:33:20 AM

This was my first experience for Visa interview. I reached 1 hr before 8:15 AM. I was not nervous as I was not thinking about inside. It was like everyone was waiting for me. I was not line up even in a single queue. After giving my finger prints, I was asked to give VISA interview.

Interview Questions were:
VO: =Good Morning sir (with sweet smile)
Me: = Good Morning you too.

VO:= May I have your passport please.
Me:= Gave my passport.

VO:= What is your purpose of visit.
ME : My Client XX is organising a seminar in XX city on Application Security.

VO:= You will be going alone?

VO started typing something..

VO:= For which company you work.
ME : I am working in XXX.

VO:= For how long you are in this company?ME: I have been working for this company since XX years.

VO:= What is your designation?

VO:= Sorry, Can you pls. again let me know what was that term – Application Security?
ME:= Answered.

VO:= How long you will be there?
ME:= I’ll be there for X week only.

VO:= How much you are getting.
ME: I am getting X.X Lacs per anum.

VO := Ok Sir, Your VISA got approved. You will get this within next 3 working days.
Me := Thank you.

This is how I got my VISA approved. Be confident what is your purpose of going and answer VO’s questions by keeping eye-to-eye contact with them.

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