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US VISA Interview Experience on 17 th Feb 2012 in Mumbai

I had booked the Hotel Crystal residency It’s just Diagonally opposite to US Embassy. The rooms are OK although it’s not so excellent. Since You just need to cross only an underground subway to reach the place, You need not worry about traffic etc if You book Your room in this hotel.
1) You can book it online from using credit card.
2) You can also call them, book it by phone and pay by credit card once You reach there. (This method is better if you are planning to leave the next day night to Bangalore as they give you 24 Hours checkout time)


Interview questions & answers

ME : Good Morning ( with a smile)
INT : Good Morning (With a smile)
ME: Shall I Place my Left Hand to the Scanner.
INT : Wait. I had not yet activated it. You had been so aggressive man.
ME: yep
INT: You can place Your fingers now.
(I placed the fingers and the process carried on )
INT: Where are You going in US
ME: XXXX City ,XXXX State
INT: Which Company You are working For
INT: Sorry I doesn’t get it
ME: Its XXXX company ( I started spelling out ‘X’,’X’….)
INT:Ya I got it.
INT:Why are You going there.
ME: I am going there for (… reason)
INT:What is that
ME:Sorry I couldn’t get that.
INT:What is the project about?
Me: explained.
INT: How long with be that.
ME: It will be for two weeks.
INT:Have You been to any other countries.
ME: No.
INT:What is Your salaray.
ME: Replied in LPA.
INT: Are You married.
ME:Not yet (with a smile)
INT: (something she said which I could not get)
ME:Sorry I couldn’t get it
INT:Your Visa has been approved.You will get it in a week time.
ME: Thank You.
INT: Thanks.

1. Follow all those mentioned in the other posts.
2. In my case the finger scanning is not done outside building. I was waiting for my turn. Suddenly the guards called me and some two other two token numbers and asked us to directly to go Inside. So my first finger scan is done (only once) in the interview counter only.
3. Interview with manager was really helpful
4. Take few more mok interview with your friends, If you are not feeling confident to answer all the questions.
5. Try to answer the first few questions with much confidence.

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