Ash 78

k- ()       02/24/2012 07:22:00 AM

My B1 visa has been rejected 3rd time

Qns :

Me : Good morning sir
Vo: Good morning
Me: How are you?
Vo: I am fine thank you..wat about you?
Me: I am fine thank you
Vo: Purpose of visit?
Me: I am going for XXX training with our client XX in XXX place regarding my project XX.
Vo: Are you married?
Vo:Do you have kids?
Vo:Did you travel anywhere in abroad?
Vo: Whats your salary?Say in Lakhs?
Me: Answered

Finally he told me that, i am not giving you visa this time since you havent travel to abroad and there are some other reason too then gave the 214b.

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