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Hi All,

1st March 2012

Reached US consulate premises 30 Min before and completed all the formalities like fingure prints and all :

Finally entered into interview room, before me six people are standing and i am just observing those, unfortunatly all got rejected including myself 🙂

Me : Hi Good Morning
Vi : OK

VI : Can i have your passport?
Me : Sure and given my passport

VI : checked my passport and asked “you are having B1 Canada, have you been there ?”
Me : No

VI : Then why are you planning to go to US?
Me : Given detailed answer


VI : How long are you going to stay?
Me : 8 Weeks

VI : 8 Weeks? Its too long
Me : Tried to convince him and showed all the supporting documents

VI : Whatever you are saying is OK but Sorry, i am not convinced with the documents

Finally given my Passport with 214(B)

Me : Thanks


So folks be carefull when you are providing stay details and before going to interview be check your stay details throughly.


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