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Q)What’s the name of your company?

Q)Why are you going there?
A)To understand xxx certification process of my company

Q)Why is that necessary?
A)Explained why certification is necessary . Also told that we would need that knowledge when we do Certification in India after 6 months

Q)Haven’t you worked on this technology before?

Q)What’s your project?
A)Explained my project in 1 line.

Q)How long in this company?
A)11 months

Q)Total experience?
A)Five and a half years

Q)How long will you stay there?
A)2 weeks.

Q)So would you stay there for 6 months for project delivery?
A)No, I would return in 2 weeks and utilize the knowledge gained when we certify our product in India.

After typing something on the computer, Officer says “your visa is approved, have a nice day”.

I would like to heartily thank  for the guidance.
For those preparing for B1, please ensure you prepare the answers for all the usual questions mentioned in this section (there would be hardly 15 questions in all).
15 mins before the interview, take few deep breaths and relieve yourself from any kind of pressure. Be confident in your answers. Thats it.

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