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Sandeep- (guest from mumbai india) 12/05/2012 05:04:04 AM

Hi all,
Thanks for your valuable posts,i got confidence by reading reviews here and now i’m sharing my experience to help other users.

on 03rd Nov i done with my OFC(for biometrics it require only passport,appointment conformation letter with two barcodes in last page and DS-160 conformation page)

on 04th Nov i attended interview in 7.45 slot,i joined the long line at 6.45 in the morning…..after many security checks(friskings..)entered inside at 7.15.

They verify fingerprints once again and ask you to wait for ur turn.
My turn came at 8.00 and the ?????? are

Why r u going?
How long?
Why u?
Wht u’ll do thr?
Wht u’ll do aft come back?
work Experience?

…… the end the lady officer told me pick up your PP from choosen location!!!!!!!!Thats all(today i got my stamped PP:))
Really good experience,i went thr with all supporting documents and what i feel is it gives us gr8 confidense if we are attending with genuine reason,many times the VOs have good experience in identifying it…….!!
So,please be genuine and definitely u can…….

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