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gurpal singh- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/29/2012 13:32:28 PM

Hello All,

My overall expeirence with VFS and the US Embassy is good: After my biometrics on 28/11/2012, I went to Us Embassy to have my interview for B1.

Here are Questions comes while interview:-

Where are you going to?
How long you will stay there?
What you will do there?
Experience with current Company
Why 4 weeks of Traininig in different Way VO aSKED 🙁
Then Suddenly VO comes in to Personal Question about family
Who else in your family
What your Father and Mother do ?
What’s your brother do?
Are you married?
Then VO comes with the Golden Words:-

That Wish you Good luck for your Journey and you will get the confirmation once your passport is ready to pick.

I emailed to “” in the night time today and got the bounce back with the message stating that “The current status of your passport is Picked Up” Not Sure What Does that Means?

Please Help if any one has any idea.

Gurpal Maggo

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