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Usman- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 12/10/2012 00:12:29 AM


First i would like to thanks immihelp for providing valuable information. I had learned lot from the posts.

On 16th Nov 2012 OFC

On 19th Nov 2012 Us Consulate.

Vo Hi Good morning How are you today?
Me Good thanks for asking. How do you do?
Vo Fine. So wat is ur purpose of visit to US?
Me Technical discussion & Training
Vo How long you will be in US
Me 3 weeks
Vo Can i see ur invitation letter
Me Given
Vo Oh is this ur client
Me yes
Vo Wat are they into
Me xxxxx yyyyy zzzz
Vo which company u work for
Me xxxx
Vo Wat is ur role
Me yyyy
Vo Can you please Breif me about ur client?
Me xx yy zz

Then he told you are good to go to US, But we need some Administration Process and issued me a pink slip 221g and directed me to window 32 were a indian lady asked me about my family details and gave me an Status tracing number 2012321 xxx x. And i was confused that i was selected or not then i confirmed with her and she told it will take 3 weeks to issue a visa. I left for the day.

My visa was issued on 4th dec 2012

and i got the passport in hand on 7th of dec. exactly 3 weeks.

Learning. Please make call atleast one in a day with call center for chennai 00912267209400 and Dial 1211 extn. Dont just keep checking online as it is not updated peroidically.


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