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Siva Prasad K V- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 12/13/2012 03:55:19 AM

Feeling disappointed, that Unfortunately my Visa request has been denied (rejected with 214 (b) by selecting third option).
Consulate asked the following question in the same sequence order:

First i greeted him as “Good Morning Sir”.
1) Who is ur employer ? “XXXXXX”
2) Ur designation ? “Programmer Analyst”
3) Where r u going ? “Told city & state”
4) last CTC ? “X.XX lpa”
5) job duties in india? “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”
6) how long you stay ? “4 weeks”
7) R u married ? “YES”
8) Do you have kids ? “YES, one kid”
9) how old ? “She is 3 yrs old”
10) Why r u going ? “It is a business meeting trip. XXXXXXXX………”
11) As a Programmer Analyst, Can’t you do this transition from India ? “I can do, as there is a timezone difference most of the technical phase on transition ensures to have on-time deliverables. We tried this from offshore in the first phase of the development, but impacted badly in the project and identified it as high priority risk. To over come this risk, my PM decided to execute this transition at the client end in this 2nd phase. PM expected me to achieve this transition smoothly and effectively.”

Immediately given rejection form 214 (b) saying “I am sorry, i can’t process your visa request now”.

I thought of that they are expecting the Client’s invitation letter.

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