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Babu- (guest) 12/24/2012 00:45:22 AM


My B1 visa was refused in Delhi consulate in july and again I am reapplying for the same.I am sharing my past visa experience with you and request you some tips if VO asks why u r visa refused last time? and you changed length of stay to 4 weeks coz you feel 8 weeks too length?.My visa interview was on 9:45 AM

Me : Good Morning Madam
VO : Your passport please..
Me : handovered my passport
VO : Purpose of your trip?
Me : Requirements gathering.We have recently aquired a new client XXXX and I am going there to study their business requirement and to collect requirements and to attend technical discussions with their IT team.
VO : which place r u going
Me : Dayton, Ohio
VO : did u traveled any other country?
Me : No
VO : whom do you work for?
Me : XXX
VO : are u married?
Me : yes
VO : how many childerns
Me : One kid XX years old.
VO : Your Client Name?
Me : XXX
VO : Client website address
Me :
VO : How long you are working in this company
Me : 7 years
VO : length of stay
Me : 8 weeks
VO : I dont think 8 weeks is necessary for business meetings..
Me : Initially it was planned for 4 weeks later it was extended by 4 more weeks ..Our Client is doing CSO lending business and they have acquired two new CSO’s and have to atend business meetings with them..
VO : Can see your travel agenda..
Me : Sorry i donot have ..once my Visa is confirmed my comapny is going to book the tickets..
VO :..takes few minutes..and said longer duration of visa will not be issued under B1 apply for H1.

so this time I feel they definitely going to ask why u r visa was rejected last time and length of stay can u please help me to get visa this time any help would be highly appreciated.

with regards,

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