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Rashmi- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, ) 09/17/2012 05:03:18 AM

I am really thankful to this site, experience shared on this site were really helpful in understanding the interview process and for preparation for the interview.

My Visa interview was on 14th Sept 12 for 7.45 am slot. I reached there at 6.45 and they let us in at 7.10am

Visa interview process –

Step 1 – Security check

Step 2 – Get the token number by giving passport and confirmation letter at the counter.

Person at the counter will return passport with token number.

Step 3 – Give your fingerprints at finger print counter.

Step 4 – Wait in a hall where on LED monitor you can see the token number and respective counter number.

When token your number gets displayed go to respective counter.

Note – There are some Indian assistants who can assist us.

I greeted the officer with a smile and then he started my interview.

VO: Why are you going to US?
ME: I am going to attend the requirement gathering discussion for new project “Project name”.

VO: Where are you going in US?
ME: Answered

VO: How long you are with your organization?
ME: Answered

VO: How long you are going?
ME: weeks

VO: Have you traveled outside India before?
ME: No sir.

VO: What is your designation?
ME: Answered

VO: Why only you are going?
ME: I have a system expertise as I am working for my project since more than 3 years. I am familiar with the current functionality of the project.

VO: Explain the project for which you are going?
My Visa officer was a cool man. When I asked him to repeat what he said he asked me same thing in Hindi “ Project me kya hona mangata he ”.

ME: I explained my project and mentioned that I have to go to analyze the current process and to define the new approach needed to increase the efficiency of the system.

After this answer officer said those golden words “Your visa is approved :), you will get it in 7 days by courier”.

I said with a big smile, “Thanks a lot sir and have a great day ahead”.

I got the message at 4 pm that my visa is couriered and I got my US visa on Monday.

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