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Mumbai- (guest from Mumbai ) 09/18/2012 05:04:25 AM

First of all I would like to appreciate this site. It was very helpful in preparing for the interview.

My VISA interview is scheduled today at 8.00AM at Mumbai. I went to consulate office at 7.30AM. Security was very tight due to the disturbances happening at Mumbai Consulate. There was no queue when I reached there. They opened the fates allowed inside at 8.00AM.

At outside gate they have checked Passport and Appointment Letter. Security person cross checked the name in passport and appointment letter and appointment date and time.

After entering inside the consulate they have asked us to sit for 5 mins. After that they have 8AM appointment persons and asked to stand in a queue and they asked to put all the belongings in a tray. The items in the tray were scanned and they have given back to us. After that one young Indian lady reviewed the documents and helped to put them in an order and we were asked to go to a window for documents checking and barcode verification. After barcode verification they have redirected to fingre prints. After that a token was issued and asked to sit at a common place.

We have sat there idle for about 15-20mins. After that display started with the window numbers. I have waited for another 15mins here to get my chance. Here You Go….

VO: Good Morning
Me: GM, How are you?
VO: Good. Please give me your passport.
Me: Sure.
VO: Which company you are working?
Me: XYZ Company.
VO: What is the purpose of the travel?
Me: Going to my parent company for attending training on new processed and projects.
VO: How many days?
Me: 30 days.
VO: Do you have a training schedule with you?
Me: Yes, please (Handed over the training schedule).
VO: (Went through the schedule) What is your designation?
Me: Sr. Database Administrator.
VO: Since how long you are working in XYZ Co. (He is looking at my BEP).
ME: since 1 year.
VO: Being a Sr. DBA, why are you going to training now.
ME: blah…blah…blah….
VO: What is your annual income?
ME: X lakhs XX Thousand X Hundred and X Ruppes. (VO Smiled for my answer).
VO: Which College?
ME: ABC College. XXX.
At this point VO has placed my Passport in a tray. I thought he is convinced, but he started asking other questions also.
VO: What is your highest qualification?
ME: Masters in Computer Applications.
VO: Are you Married?
ME: Engaged and my marriage is on XXX. XX
VO: What is your fiance doing?
ME: Working as XXXXXX.

And the Golden Words…..Your VISA is approved, you will get your passport within 7 days.

Total interview was about 2minutes…I felt like a rapid fire round.

My Suggestions, which may be useful.
1. Be in a formal dress. Tie is not required and I did not had my id card hanging to my neck.
2. Be Confident. Make Eye Contact.
3. Put up a smile as per the situation.
4. Dont mug up with frequently questions and answers, maintain clarity on what you are going to tell the officer.
5. Dont get tensed whether it is first time travel or if you are single. In my case I am not married and this is my first time.

All the Best folks!!!

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