Ash 40

jayaprakash- (guest from mumbai, —, India) 09/24/2012 08:50:39 AM

q1: why you are visiting usa?
ans: 2 attend a trade fair
q2: what products 2 import
ans: x,y,z
q3: what all the countries u have been?
ans: 8 countries.,
q4: show me your BL for x shipment?
ans; sh0wn
q5: what is ur income?
ans: xxx
q6: is this ur company?
ans; yes

ur visa appr0ved and in 7 days u will recieve it.,

i n0ticed:

she writing so many things in c0mputer and seeing s0me thing in the c0mputer.,

be c0nfident and try 2 answer str0ngly.,

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