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Vishal- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 05/31/2012 14:50:10 PM

My visa interview was scheduled on 31st May 2012 at 7.45 AM at Mumbai US consulate. I stayed at Hotel Golden palace in Kurla west about 5kms from the consulate. Reached the venue at 6.50 AM and to my surprise there were already 60 odd people ahead of me for 7.45 AM slot. Co-ordination there was awesome, the line moved at a fast pace, tokens were granted and bio-metric finger scans were done. I had to wait for 20 mins for my number to flash on the screen. In the meanwhile I could see & observe people being interviewed. When my turn came I reported at the window; and I was asked following questions:

1.Good morning Sir
Me: Good morning officer.

2. Can I see your passport,
Along with the passport I also handed the application form, but he said just the passport.

3. What is your name?
Me: Vishal ….

4. What is the purpose of Travel
Me: Business.

5. Where do you work?
Me: XYZ company

6. How long have you been working there?
Me: 2 years.

7. Where would you be travelling in the US? And why?
Me: To attend X conference in Florida & Y conference in NY, and also to meet with prospective customers.

[Behind the window VO switched off the mike & cross checked the information on his system. Maybe he googled those conference names I mentioned]

8. What are these conferences about?
Me: X- is about cloud computing & we are partners with Y company so I would be representing my company there.

9. Will you be travelling alone?
Me: Yes

VO reviewed my passport, it has a stamp from Thailand immigration looking at which he said :”your visa is approved sir and it’ll be couriered to you in 3-4 days”

My take on the entire process is: Be confident, give honest answers, when VO stares at you look in the eye. Be calm and listen before you talk, the more confidently and calmly you talk less are the questions asked.

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