Ash 62

Raghu- (guest from Mumbai ) 06/06/2012 14:47:02 PM

VO: there were three counters and empty., and my token appeared she asked me to come.

I showed my token and she seem pleased. Maybe this was an error from my side.

Where are u travelling.
I said name of city, Country
she repeated it, I said yes.

How long are u travelling
4 weeks

is this your first visa?
Yes, I nodded, though I travelled before (i must have said I have travelled before). though I showed her other passports.

what is your salary
i said x lakhs

what is the purpose of the visit.
i said business meetings

how many years have you been with company.
i said 2 months after a fumble.

why is your company not sending a new employee.
i said I have experience and an expert ( mistake) . She said everyone has experience. What do you know about your company in 2 months.

then she started writing and handed me a 214 b reject

I am posting this so that others dont make the same mistake. I will apply again but not when I am just 2 months in a company.

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