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Jagdish- (guest from Mumbai ) 05/31/2012 10:04:27 AM

Got into a BEP. security check, was sent back..(my mistake i had to remove my chain with iron idol on it.). again re-entry its 8:15 but appointment at 8:00.
cursing my self running to the finger print my token number. here goes.
I was sent to 2 different counter later. since both the VO’s pissed off with B2 visa applicants. finally to the 3rd counter. already 1 guy getting grilled from an indian company. rejected.
my turn.

VO: Good Morning ! to my surprise.
me:Good morning Sir.

VO:where are you travelling.
me:xyz, abc

VO: what !! Oh ok xyz,abc

VO:how many days.
me: 4weeks.
(looking at him with straight face)

VO:are you going for RG.
me:No i am going to have initial introduction meeting followed by KT session. from my org.

VO:is any one going with you.
me No its me alone.

VO:are there any other resources already travelled for this project.
Me: I am the first one.

VO: where are you going to stay.

VO:Who do you report to after reaching and where.
me:with confidence my onshore manage xxx at zzz

VO: You will receive it in 3 working days.

me Thank you.

i got a point from my experience.

Talk only about you and your org not your client.

THANK YOU. just wounder how many years i got 🙂

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