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Suraj Gopal- (guest from Mumbai, MH, India) 06/30/2012 03:00:11 AM

I attended B1 visa interview at Mumbai consulate on 15th June 2012. I was denied a visa. These were the questions asked:

(The VO was a neegro women, looking very restless and stared at me as though i’m an untouchable!!!)

Me: Good morning.
VO: GM, ur passport and interview letter pl…
Me: Gave these 2
VO: Y r u travelling to US?
Me: I’ll be going there for advanced product training of our products.
VO: How long u r gonna stay there?
Me: 28 days
VO: Don’t you think 28 days r too long?
Me: Yup, but i need to come back within 15 days coz i have a family and 20 days old daughter.
(She didn’t listen to this, just hearing)
VO: Do u have any travel agenda?
Me: I showed BEP letter, invitation letter and training plan
VO: I need to c something official.
(Of course these documents r official, i’m not sure wat she was looking for)
Me: Ya these r indeed official, see d letterhead.
VO: These still dont look official, anyway, huh……!! (Silence for 2 mins, was typing something in her system)

VO: What does test services mean (it was written in training plan)
Me: It means tat our products which v design will b tested there.

VO: R u gonna participate in that?
Me: No, i’ll only be witnessing.
VO: U’ll be doing wat?
Me: I’ll be witnessing only.
VO: Have u ever travelled outside India?
Me: No
Again silence for 5 mins, typing something on system and having an expression as though she ate something bitter!!!!!
VO: As per US laws visa can’t be issued as u don’t have sufficient travel experience (out of India). I’m issueing u 214b form, which’ll explain ur ineligibility for d visa u applied, thank u, have a nice day.
She handed over my passport n form 214b and i took it.

Do u think travelling abroad alone is enough for visa to be issued? there shud always b a first time. can anyone pl guide me wat i need to present for 2nd time interview?


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